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Accepting Entries for CXA

Submission deadline is September 30th.

Accepting Entries for CXA

2025 Submission deadline is September 30th.

Client Experience Award Badge2024

Excellence in Client Experience Award

Buyers have been trained to use reviews and ratings to inform their decisions. The same buyers using Amazon and Yelp to find the best product or restaurant are also making decisions on which professional services firms to select. Finally, you can showcase your excellence with a validated, third-party award based on real ratings and reviews

Client Savvy has collected feedback from millions of professional service buyers since 2004. We have identified the profile of what makes great firms great, and we now bring you the Excellence in Client Experience Award to recognize those great firms. The Client Experience Award recognizes professional services firms who consistently excel at aligning with expectations and delivering experiences buyers would highly recommend to others.

Winners will be recognized on this website, via social channels, and at select industry events – notably CXps Annual Conference. Each winner will receive a dedicated profile page on this award website including results, logo/branding, and links back to your website.

Baseline client perception study through feedback


Quantitative and qualitative analysis from CXMP’s and data scientists


Benchmarking comparison across the Industry


Award for qualified winners


How to Win

The Excellence in Client Experience Award issues award badges in four metallic levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

RequirementsPerformance Criteria
BronzeMinimum 100 names OR 60% of revenue represented on the client listFirm must demonstrate above average performance
SilverMinimum 60% of revenue represented on the client list*Top quartile performance
GoldSame as Silver AND firms are expected to document follow-up to feedback received.Top 10% performance
PlatinumSame as GoldTop 3% performance

*A list showing revenue by client for the trailing 12 months must be provided to verify results. The list will not be published and remains completely confidential.

Firms applying for the award must provide required data to Client Savvy to execute the client feedback study and must meet minimum requirements to qualify for an award. Required information includes the names and email addresses of a representative list of client contacts. You are encouraged to provide additional data including company name, industry segment, business unit, or other factors you may wish to use for breakdown reporting, benchmarking, or analysis.

The team of feedback experts at Client Savvy will provide the expertise to import your information and execute the client perception study, powered by Client Savvy’s Client Feedback Tool. We will work with you to customize the messaging, branding, and questions to meet your needs within the requirements of the award rubric.

Winning firms are categorized into four levels, with the typical results and requirements for each shown in the table to the left.

We recognize professional services firms are diverse, and high performers are often unique in their approach to client experience. The grading rubric factors in a range of performance criteria, allowing firms to achieve recognition a variety of ways based on their individual strengths. Broadly, the factors fall into two categories: (1) Client Outcomes and (2) Engagement.

Client Outcomes factors include:
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Consistency of results
  • Frequency of service failures
  • Frequency of exceptional performance
Engagements factors include:
  • Depth of client base surveyed
  • Response rate
  • Employee engagement
  • Reacting to feedback & follow-up

We provide you the tools and support needed to succeed across all these factors and will work with you to develop a winning strategy that works for your firm’s unique needs and culture.

Targeted Industries

The Client Experience Award recognizes professional services firms in the B2B sector. All B2B professional services firms are eligible to apply for an award.

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